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3-8 Buckingham Slate Roof System

Slate Roof Repair in Richmond, VA

Slate roofs are gorgeous in every way. They’re made out of natural stone and add a touch of elegance and beauty to any property. Because they come from all-natural materials, slate roofs aren’t all exactly the same. When you install your slate roof, you can count on it to make your home stand out and to beautify the entire neighborhood.

When they’re installed properly, slate roofs can last for years. In fact, some slate roofs can last a century or more. However, if you live in a storm-prone part of Virginia, especially along the coast, your roof could experience hail, wind, or hurricane damage. In particular, slate roofs can be damaged by fallen tree branches that cause leaks and break tiles.

If you need slate roof repair anywhere in the Richmond, VA area, call Stevens Roofing Corporation. We have two offices—one in Norfolk, VA and one in Richmond, VA—and serve clients across the region. Our integrity, honesty, and high-quality work set us apart.

Help Your Slate Roof Look Its Best

Slate roofs are fireproof, weather-resistant, environmentally friendly, and complementary to any home or neighborhood. Our goal is to make sure your slate roof looks fantastic year-round. Regardless of the type of slate roof you have installed, we offer roof repair that will last for years.

Since your slate roof is so unique, you need a unique team to work on it. Our expert craftsmen never sub-contract, and we’ve worked on thousands of roofs throughout the state since we were established in 1946. We’re happy to repair or restore any slate roof, no matter how new or old or what condition it’s in.

Trust Our Detail-Oriented Work

Thanks to our decades of experience in the roofing industry, we have the perfect qualifications to diagnose your leaky or broken roof’s problem and recommend the right fix. We perform our repairs as quickly as we can, and we never shortchange you on quality or materials.

To get in touch with our Richmond or Norfolk, VA offices, call the numbers listed below. We look forward to returning your slate roof to like-new status soon.