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Copper Roofing Repair in Williamsburg, Norfolk, and Richmond, VA

Having problems with your copper roofing? Stevens Roofing Corporation has the skills, tools, and experience to solve them. Our thorough copper roofing repair services will have your roof back to prime condition in no time.

We also install copper roofs that will last a lifetime—copper roofs are some of the best, hardiest, and most beautiful roofs in the business, as you can tell from copper roofs in old cities that have lasted for centuries. Trust us to work with any type of copper shingle brand and to leave you with a roof you’ll love.

We serve homeowners in Williamsburg, VA; Richmond, VA; Norfolk, VA; and beyond. Get in touch with us to see how our metal roofing services will benefit your home.

Types of Copper Roofing

In general, you can choose between three common types of copper roofing.

Copper Shingles

These lightweight shingles endure for decades at the very least. They’re also lightweight, easy to install, and energy efficient. Since each copper shingle manufacturer supplies different installation instructions, you need to choose a roofing company that’s worked with different brands and has the experience to install each type perfectly.

Standing Seam Copper

Unlike shingle roofing, standing seam roofing is made of long panels that give your roof an even look. You can choose standing seam copper roofing in different lengths and widths so that your roof looks precisely the way you want it to.

Flat Seam Copper

These types of roofs are similar to standing seam copper roofs, but they work best on flat roofs or roofs with low slants.

Experienced Roofers From Stevens Roofing Corporation

Not sure which type of copper roofing is right for you? We’re happy to discuss your options and then install your new copper roof perfectly. To schedule an appointment for our copper roofing repair services or to talk about copper roofing installations, call us at (804) 223-2929 if you live in Richmond, VA, or at (757) 489-8791 if you live in Norfolk, VA. We also serve homeowners in all nearby cities.