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Why Choose Us?

At Stevens Roofing Corporation, we strive to have the best trained, most knowledgeable workforce in the area. We not only give our employees on the job training, but during inclement weather we are holding classes for them, giving them lectures and classroom training on all phases and types of roofing. We send our employees to manufacturer’s training seminars and have manufacturer’s representatives come to us and hold training sessions as well.

We are not the cheapest people in town and we don’t want to be. There is no way the cheapest price is going to be able to do the best work and stay in business.

We want to stay in business by giving you the best value for your dollar and sometimes that may be the highest priced bid.  But, you will know the work is being done right, by trained employees, working for a company that will be in the business to stand behind their work. We plan to be here if you need us in the future, just as we have been here for our customers since 1946.